The Permanent I Formation Strategy


The “I” Formation at the Net During the Point

We pride ourselves for being at the forefront of how the game of platform tennis has evolved over the years. While some aspects of the game have stayed the same, in the past decade there have been significant changes that have taken the game by storm. One thing that has remained constant since paddle was invented in 1928 has been positioning at the net during a point. Until now!

Our highlight topic for the 2013-14 pre-season camps is the “I” formation at the net during the point. At the beginning of last season, we started tinkering with an “I” formation while at the net during the point. Mark and his partner Johan duRandt were successful in using this new net formation during the 2013 Sound Shore Invitational final. After some small adjustments they broke it out again in the quarterfinals of nationals. We feel it was the main reason Mark and Johan were able to win their quarterfinal match and eventually the 2014 nationals.

We have put our minds together and have come up with a way to teach this exciting new formation. Come out and join us in the best Boot Camp in the nation and learn the new “I” formation. Specifically, learn how to:

  • Know your specific role while at the net
  • Squeeze the angles at the net
  • Shrink the court for your opponents
  • Bait your opponents into driving balls on your terms.

Download The Permanent I Formation Strategy Here