Q: What paddle sports are there?

A: There are four (4) main paddle sports. Platform tennis, paddle tennis, paddleball and padel. Platform tennis is played primarily in the winter months, outdoors, on a court that is one-quarter the size of a standard tennis court and surrounded by a twelve-foot high screen. Platform combines many of the features of regular tennis (the net and the scoring), and squash (playing off the screens / walls). Paddle tennis utilizes a court one-third the size of a tennis court and an unpressurized tennis ball. An underhand serve is a requirement. Paddleball in simplistic terms is handball with a paddle. Padel, the largest of the paddle sports, is primarily played in South America, Spain, and Portugal. Much like platform tennis, it has a clear acrylic wall surrounding the court that is an integral part of the play.

Q: Can I use a regular tennis racquet for platform tennis or paddle tennis?

A: No. The four (4) main paddle sports use paddles that are much different than a regular tennis racquet. Click here to see Viking's selection of paddles.

Q: Can I purchase paddles and balls directly from Viking?

A: No, Viking Athletics does not sell our paddles and balls directly to players. To help find the authorized dealer nearest you, please click here to go to our "Find a Retailer".

Q: If I have a defective paddle what should I do?

A: Please have your paddle returned through your local authorized Viking dealer along with a proof of purchase so the dealer can send it back for a warranty evaluation. Viking recommends calling the dealer in advance to find out what their return policy is.

Q: What is Viking’s paddle warranty?

A: Viking maintains that its paddles are free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use, for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. Viking will repair or replace at its discretion any paddle found defective, provided it is returned through an authorized dealer (with proof of purchase) at the purchaser's cost to the Viking Warranty Center within the warranty period with the procedures set forth above. Any paddle, repaired or furnished, as a replacement under this policy will be covered by the policy only for the remainder of the original one-year period. This policy does not apply to any condition caused by negligence, abuse, or error in maintenance or handling (including damage caused by faulty repairs performed by purchaser or any third party).

Q: How can I be sure that the product I purchase is a genuine Viking Product?

A: Viking products are only available from authorized Viking dealers, in retail stores or on select internet sites that have met certain standards set forth by Viking. Occasionally, an unauthorized website may acquire and offer to sell Viking products. These products may have been acquired through illegal or fraudulent means or may be counterfeits which will not provide the quality or performance of the genuine Viking products. The same may be true of persons who are offering to sell on internet auction sites. For many of the above reasons, Viking products purchased from non-authorized dealers or on auction sites are not covered by warranty. One other word of caution: If the price or offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Before purchasing a Viking product, you may check for authorized dealers by visiting VikingAthletics.com and clicking on "Find a Retailer".

Viking is dedicated to providing consumers with the best paddle sports experience by offering high performance, high quality products. We want every purchaser to gain maximum performance and enjoyment from our products. Please purchase only from authorized dealers to assure a positive experience. Thank you for your cooperation on this important matter.

Q: How do I become a sponsored Viking platform tennis player?

A: There are many players on the American Platform Tennis Association’s “tour” today that play with Viking equipment. Players include 2007 National Champions Mike Cochrane, Scott Estes, Mary Doten, Bobo Delaney and Sarah Williams; plus past champions Flip Goodspeed, Patty Hogan, Lauren Zink, Kerri Stulac, Aila Main, Ed Granger, and Steve Baird; and top teaching professionals: Mike Rahaley, Mike Marino, Matt Garavaglia, Alex Bancila, Drew Broderick, Scott Moore, Amy Shay, Sue Penney, and the list goes on and on. Each of these players, past, present and future, has played an important role in the development of the Viking brand. Players continue to look to Viking in order to gain an advantage on the court - selecting Viking as their brand of choice.

The Viking philosophy is about building a team of players who want to be involved with the Viking brand and who are active and contributing members of the Viking Team. From product play testing and validation to marketing and trend forecasting, Viking sponsored athletes at all levels perform an important role in the overall company strategy.

Q: Who is a Viking sponsored player?

A: He or She:

  • Is highly skilled competitor, seeking to perform at the best of his/her abilities in every opportunity Is always striving to raise the level of his/her game.
  • Possesses a high level of sportsmanship on and off the court.
  • Is respectful of the game, his/her coaches/students, opponents, officials, sponsors and spectators. Has earned the respect of his/her opponents.
  • Manages his/her equipment in a professional manner. He/she understands that it is their responsibility to have their equipment organized and prepared in advance.
  • Promotes Viking products through their actions and words.
  • Competes regularly at a national level and achieves exemplary results.
  • Is proud to be associated with Viking Athletics, Ltd.
  • The Viking High Performance Team Programs provide the pathway for influential players to grow with our brand wherever their paddle talent and ambition may take them. We have programs in place for players at every stage of their paddle careers. If you are interested in applying for sponsorship consideration, please contact us.

Making the commitment to compete at the national level while holding down a job and or raising a family is an exercise in dedication, endurance and time management. We at Viking try to facilitate the success of those individuals that choose to make this sacrifice to order to achieve high rankings in the sport they love.